Thursday, October 15, 2015

Recipe for an Awesome Fishing Trip

Sitting here, reflecting on the last 10 months, I've been blessed with opportunity to partake in some pretty epic caka. Near and far, on opposite ends of the earth.   There are still some epic adventures ahead this year.

When I think back to what made the best trips, the "BEST TRIPS," it boils down to a few things.   Here's my attempt to dissect the affect in an effort to replicate the cause....

1. Plan. Sounds obvious, right? This is the old Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared."   Know where you are going- at least in a general direction.  Do your work up front to find takeouts, put-ins, where the flyshop is, where you can stay or camp, and anticipate the weather.  There is no feeling like driving 14 hours, only to find out that this far north, 6" of snow was still a possibility in mid-May.... and you only brought a single fleece.   Be careful not to overdo it.. see #4.

2.Pick your Partners, pardner.  This is critical.  You are going to be traveling long hours, far from home, camping, stuck in a boat, tent, or in the backcountry for an extended period of time.  This can be fun, or this can be miserable.  Too many alphas, or not enough alpha can be a problem.  You need to find balance in who you take with you. 

3. Stop and smell the.... Musky. We all started fly fishing out of enjoyment.  Whatever your reasons, it had an element of joy attached.  Don't forget that.  It's not about just the fish, although, the fish help.  (ever fish for musky? then you know what I mean!)  Take it all in.  Wherever you go. Catch some awesome fish, get some awesome pictures, but don't define your trip around that alone.   Don't leave with regrets... "I wish we would have....."
4. Be Flexible. Kind of contradicts #1 a little, but have some flexibility.  The weather will change. Rivers will blow out. Hatches will end. what you may find, may be even better than what was planned or even expected.  On a recent Bahamas trip, we had high winds, but otherwise great conditions.  We did some exploring on a tidal creek and were rewarded with an epic morning of some of the silliest micro-Tarpon I've ever encountered.

5. Laugh.  You will remember that funny stuff that happened along the way, far longer than that 20" trout.  Do this long enough, and trust me, you will!  Come home with your face hurting from smiling and your sides hurting from laughing.

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