Gear Hacks

Gear Hack-  Either simple repurposing, or repairs to mods to fix-it-up with duct tape and toothpicks.

I will update this page as I find or come up with new or old ideas!

GearHack 01: GoPro Tent Stake
This was made for my solo carp fishin' missions.  I needed a way to support a GoPro while posing for pics or filming.  Better than setting it in the grass or on a rock.  Be careful how you carry it.  If you put it in your pocket, you might get a stab where you don't wanna take a stab!
 GearHack 02: Wader Pocket Chest Pack
This was made from my 9 year old pair of Patagonia Rivermaster waders.  They were repaired beyond belief, and when I wore the boots off of them, that was it.  I cut the inner pocket out, took a piece of paracord to a good length and stitched it in.  Carrys what you need and not what you don't.  Huh?
 GearHack 03: Lanyard
 No way DIY Dave is spending $40-$80 on a necklace of beads, strings and clips.  This is 550 paracord, some #3 swivel snaps from the tackle section, an Easton aluminum Gamgetter arrow shaft cut to 6" for the tippet holder.  The yellow and green "washers" are from UTC fly tying thread spools.  Pieces of worn-out fly line is used to make the loops for tools and floatants. Just don't hang yourself running from a bear in the woods.
GearHack 04: Rubber Inner tube bungees/tie downs
An oldy, but a goodie.  In a world of tubeless mountain bike tires, there is a new use for your old tubes.  Cut them into strips of varying width and length and use them to tie down whatever you need in the boat, pack, bike, etc...I use a couple to lash my 4 piece fly rod to my top tube of the bike frame on those quick adventures up the trail.

 GearHack 05: Fly Line Winder
Scrap wood.  6" by about 2" main body.  You get the idea below.  Side comes off to remove fly line.  I have an improvement to this design that I am making a "nice version" of.  This was a ten minute endeavor to use whatever was on hand.  Coils lines in a real nice wide hoop.
GearHack 06: More uses for old fly line.  Ultralight sunglass tether
It's soft, easy on you.  Better than floro or heavy mono.  Don't hang yourself with it though.  I'm not responsible!

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