Sunday, September 27, 2015


Great time of year. Awesome weather.  Scenery is all good.  Crisp mornings.  The traffic in the woods and on the streams is low.  Lots of people watching football, getting their last games of golf in and folks are getting ready for fall hunting seasons.  Perfect time to be fishing. Other than the creeks are all low and suffering a month or more of severe dryness.

The spring fed creeks are cold.  Cold is good.  This weekend I visited a few familiar ones and some that I've been away from for a while.  Trico spinner falls are dwindling but still bringing fish up to feed.  Moved some fish on the banks to streamers. Caught a nice fish on a cricket.

Kinda wish it would stay like this for a few more months!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


It's fun when they eat.  It's even a little more fun dealing with the aftermath. Had a little of both this weekend.  Fished some "squatchy" looking water, turned some behemoths, and landed a few of the esox variety.  Terrifying eats that don't end as planned- missed hookups, fouled flies, broken rods, trout-sets or plain bad luck all happen.  It's salty when it happens more than once on a trip and you haven't touched a fish yet.

You miss one violent, topwater eat so close to the boat you got splashed.
...................Then another.

Your buddy says "Aw, you got the best of him anyway, it's all about the eat.
...................Yeah. Yeah.

.......Then you walk away with your pike consolation prize. 
What a terrible thing for me to say.  Pike are an amazingly aggro, violent fish.  I'll take consistent visual pike eats any day, all day.  I take my comments back.  The pike was the prize in a lake that outnumbers them with musky. I found the needle in the haystack.

It's always fun.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Microadventure: SUP Style Farm Pond Bass on the Fly

What is a microadventure?  It's that thing you do when you don't have a ton of time to go far, spend all day to fish or be in the outdoors.  It's the close-to-home escape, a way to flex your soul from the daily grind.  Prepare for alot of these from me....

MICROADVENTURE: SUP Style Farm Pond Bass on the Fly:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

back in the game

I'm back.  For several years, I had a blog "The Happy Trout Chronicles." This ended up getting hacked, broken and unrepairable.  I deleted its remains and moved on.  For a good while, that was... that. Since then, I upped my photography work, went on many adventures, learned a few things, and started "Down_ Home_Flyfishing" on Instagram.   I blog-partnered with Erik over at "The Powderhorn Chronicles" and shot up a few blog posts from time to time.

What you can expect to see is plenty of DIY adventures, outdoor experiences, lots of photography, lots of fly fishing related talk, wood boat design, sasquatch sightings, my short video edits: MICROADVENTURE, some giveaways and the latest projects I have in the works.

Check out the additional pages to this blog- Boatshop and Swag- these will be under construction as fall progresses into winter.