Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Hunting

St. Etienne Vercar with Holga
Some images from recent upland hunting days.  I enjoy hunting all upland birds, but have a soft spot for woodcock.  Bumped my first one this season tonight in the woods.  Missed it horribly with both barrels, but proceeded to reflush it four more times- vowing not to shoot at it- with a gun anyways... I was determined to get a pic of it on the ground.  I carry my camera with me often in the woods.  The little russet feller got away on me every time. 

Managed a stocked pheasant tonight however.

Tomorrow I will walk the woods for grouse, but in PA we can also shot turkeys starting tomorrow.  We'll see.
Dale with a cockbird from a recent hunt
ooohhh.... soft spot for vintage Belgium Brownings....and shallow depth of field...

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